H-Beams and I-Beams

Hot-rolled steel beam with H-shaped cross section, used mainly in piling and retaining structures. H-beam is developed and optimized from I-beam, a kind of economical profiled steel with a better mechanics capabilities. The web plates and the flanges are in plumb. The inner flange runs parallel to the outer one. Its flanges are very straight and the edges are clear, especially named by the similarity between the section shape and the letter "H".

Steel I-beams are used for a variety of structural applications. Specific terminology is used to describe I-beam characteristics and properties.

Steel I-beams can be found in nearly all construction projects, from skyscrapers and highways to residential construction and industrial cranes. The properties of the I-beam make it an optimal choice to balance beam strength and weight. Most of an I-beam’s crosssectional area is located away from the neutral axis of the beam, resulting in a high moment of inertia, or “I” value.

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H-beam and I-beam by Solid Steel

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